Outlook delegate calendar not updating perl programming updating data file

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A delegate can be assigned a range of permissions, including the ability to read, create, or have full control over items in the Exchange mailbox.

The person granting permission, the delegator, determines the level of access given to the delegate.

However, by doing so, you also grant these people the permission to send out emails on your behalf (via the From field), which often isn’t desired.

You can grant this permission in the Delegate Permissions dialog of each delegate via the option: Delegate can see my private items You are free to fine-tune these permissions on a per-folder basis afterwards if that fits your needs better.

There are some very distinct differences between delegation and sharing.

The most important thing to make note of is when setting up delegation the delegate gets the Send on Behalf of email permission.

Q: What’s the impact of a user having lots of Shared calendars opened or just configured in his Outlook profile ?

Is the calendar connection opened “on access” or is the connection made everytime the user opens Outlook ?

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