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Kiyomizu Temple is entered through the Nio-mon Gate, a two-story structure guarded by two Deva statues or Nio and two koma-inu (Lion dogs).

The next gate is the Sai-mon with a cypress-bark roof held up by eight pillars. The original Kiyomizu Temple dates from the eighth century C.

After watching the first two episodes, I updated my My Anime List page and scrolled through the reviews – they were mostly OK, but one really struck me.

One review commented on how the first episode of movie due out in December) but that’s because studios like to produce similar things – take book publishers for example, as they often publish books in the same or similar genre, but they’re done by different authors, meaning there may be similar ideas and such, but it does not necessarily mean that they are the same.

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The hugely popular Kiyomizu Temple (Kiyomizu-dera, in Japanese) is a must for most visitors to Kyoto.

The main hall of Kiyomizu is built out on a veranda onto pillars, a structure constructed without nails.

The effect is that of a deck reaching out from the foot of the mountain - Otowa Hill.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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