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Location: Sheikh Zayed and Maadi Recommended dishes: Crêpe française and eggs florentine Cost: 182.5 EGP La Casetta is my all time favorite Italian restaurant.

I had a proper breakdown when its Maadi branch closed down.

But he argued this week that previous governors hold much of the blame for budget shortfall because they agreed not to fully fund state pensions.

“I don’t believe people understand that a lack of paying the bills as they should have been paid has led to the current difficulties the state of Connecticut is living with,” he said.

*coughs* Yes, I love Italian food and I cannot lie *coughs* Location: Zamalek Recommended dishes: Costoletta speciale and frutti di mari pizza Their Prices: 182.5 EGP Since you’ve made it this far on this listicle, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you and your other half definitely cannot afford a flight ticket to Latin America, but it’s okay, because Tabla Luna is here.

Location: Maadi Recommended dishes: Sweet and sour chicken, chicken lemon sauce, steamed rice, and chicken fried noodles Their Price: 170 EGP Didos is a very nice and cosy restaurant in Zamalek that serves delicious Italian food.

Yes, dating an archaeologist is a many-splendoured thing.

Sure, your time together will (mostly) be good, but from time to time you will catch yourself wondering if you could be doing a heck of a lot better with someone who doesn’t live in a B&B outside Wolverhampton for six months of the year.

If you’re not the next Masterchef then homemade pizzas are usually always a win plus they are under budget! It’s such a simple, yet effective and romantic way to spend time together and the best part is it won’t break the budget.

Make sure you choose a spot that is out of the harsh elements and that you also do a weather check beforehand.

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