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A variety of organizations exist to promote infantilism or meet with other practitioners throughout the world.

The infantilist community is described by one practitioner as made up of two main types - adult babies (adults who role play infants) and sissy babies (who tend to wear typically feminine clothing, and use female pronouns).

She’s always felt “little.” “Aside from that though, regressing and being ‘little’ just fits with my personality,” said Jess.

“It allows me to be playful and cute, which is what I’m like naturally anyway and so I think that I would definitely still be living this lifestyle if I’d had a more ‘normal’ childhood.” When it comes to diapers, the 21-year-old says that she only urinates in them and does not "do the other thing" because that would be "too far." Yes, the grown woman urinating in diapers, drinking from a bottle and calling her boyfriend "daddy" has limits.

David and Jess, who frequently share their videos on You Tube to a substantial fan-base, lament “negative” comments their posts often receive.

David, for instance, can’t imagine why people call him a "pedophile." “I just ignore it,” he said.

A variety of causes has been proposed, including altered lovemaps, imprinting gone awry and errors in erotic targets, though there is no consensus.We figured that if people talked more about what it's REALLY like growing up with Type 1 diabetes, life would be easier for all of us. We make videos about all sorts of stuff - from awkward chats about sex, to tips on dealing with over-caring parents, to rants about how badly they deal with Type 1 on TV.The only rule is we don't sugar-coat anything (see what we did there? Each video starts a discussion about the things that normally get forgotten - you can check out #type1uncut on Twitter.Jess hopes David will soon be comfortable enough to put a "clean one" on her. When her “daddy” says “yes,” she crawls on top of him on his bed.David apparently disciplines his girlfriend/daughter by sending her to the corner of her room when she misbehaves. But during the night, she sleeps in another room…in a crib.

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