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Georgia is facing a backlog of more than 10,000 untested rape kits, but one Republican congressman from the state wants to withhold federal dollars to test these kits from so-called “sanctuary cities,” according to a video obtained by Jezebel.

“You know that scene in ‘’ where Baby meets Johnny for the first time?The Stir asked the parents of some children with Down syndrome to share some of the ridiculous comments they hear most often about their beautiful babies. " asks Jennifer Lister, mom of little Riley, who refers to her daughter's condition as "Up syndrome." "For not being blessed themselves with a child who has UP syndrome? “Until I met her.” He was sure it was the real thing, but nobody ever believes that coming from a 12-year-old. “Even though my mind was young and my heart was young — somewhere inside my head I was mentally old enough.” And the feeling was mutual. “If you’re that in love, age doesn’t mean a thing,” he says.

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